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Personal Time Quiz: you can buy time.

Take this personal time quiz to see how much time you spend on everyday tasks and what that time costs you. When While You Work tackles these tasks, you really CAN simplify your life.

Complete the three steps below to see how valuable your time really is.

Step 1 – How much time does it take?

When it comes to home, car, and family maintenance, how do you find time to accomplish the necessary tasks?

Do you …

  • Juggle work commitments/meetings to be out of the office?
  • Take time off?
  • Give up your weekends?

Take this quiz to get a handle on how much time you’re REALLY spending on running errands and taking care of household chores. Consider how you perform (or should perform) the following tasks.

For each task applicable to your household this year, refer to the listed frequencies and required time to accomplish, then place the total number of hours you’d spend in the appropriate column. All time estimates include travel time and wait time. Use the tab key to move through the form.

Example: if you change your oil 4 times a year, place 6 in the Time column. If your household has 2 vehicles, multiply it by 2. If you don’t use a particular service, type the number "0" in the column.

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Car Maintenance: .
Car inspected (1.5 hours, 1x year per vehicle)
Oil changed (1.5 hours @ 4x year per vehicle)

Car companies recommend that you change your oil every 3,000 miles; the average person drives 12,000 a year.

Tires rotated (2 hours @ 2x year per vehicle)

Car companies recommend that you rotate your tires every 6,000 miles -- twice a year for the average driver.

Household Maintenance: .
Appliances serviced (maintenance on washer/dryer, refrigerator, large TVs, lawn mower) (Average household requires 3 of these a year, at average of 3 hours per wait)
Carpets cleaned (Varies by square feet; averages 2 hours 1x year)
Windows washed (Varies by house; averages 3 hours @1x year)
House exterminated (Recommended 2x year; averages 1.5 hours per visit)
AC serviced (Averages 1 hour @ 1x year)
Air ducts cleaned (Averages 1 hour @ 1x year)
Rain gutters cleaned (Averages 1.5 hours @ 1x year)
Chimney swept (Averages 1 hour @ 1x year)
Other: (you would describe) Examples would be water treatment system maintenance, piano tuning, etc.
Emergency Management: . .
Find, schedule, and meet repair technician at house to fix problem (i.e., plumber, AC/heating repair, electrician) (Averages 4 hours @ 3x year)
Family Maintenance: .
Bids for special occasion events or children’s parties (Generally takes 3 hours per occasion)
Dinner/limo reservations (For each special occasion, count 1 hour to arrange)
Reminders to schedule medical appointments (i.e., physicals, well-baby visits, mammograms)
Birthday reminders (the average person keeps up with 12 important family occasions a year)

Step 2. Calculate the amount of time all the above is costing you.



This is your total hourly time commitment
The average person spends 10% of that time getting organized to do these tasks (this is 10% of your subtotal of hours)
If you could buy time, you could save this many hours:



If While You Work took care of all this, what would you do with the hours you would get back in your schedule?

  • Spend more time with your family?
  • Take the time to work out or pursue your hobbies?
  • Relax, read, or catch a movie?
  • Catch up at work?

Step 3. Determine what your time costs.



Enter your annual salary.



This is what it costs* you to tackle these tasks.




* Keep in mind that when time is difficult to find, your stress increases, too.

An organized household…
The peace of mind that comes from having it all done…
The stress you miss when someone else tackles your "to-do" list…
That’s what While You Work is all about.
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