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Hourly Services

Are you in the market for a onetime service?

Or do you want to try out our employees on something small?

We understand your caution. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service in a world that seems to have lost the knack for it. Our company and our employees are insured, so go ahead and give us a try!

Want your car washed? Want us to pick up a birthday gift or tackle your grocery list? Need someone to meet the furniture delivery person at your home? We can tackle any or all of these things for an hourly fee. You call with the request and arrange for paying the third-party provider; and we'll collect our fee once the deed is done.

Most of our chosen vendors accept credit cards – so we are happy to charge to your card on your behalf. If you would like to pay cash for the service, you may choose to do so. Or we can pay for the service, bring you a receipt, and collect it with our fee. If you prefer to leave a check on your kitchen counter the day a vendor is coming, we will fill in the amount and leave the invoice in its place once the work is completed.

Is there a home repair project you're dreading? We can bid and handle those for you -- wouldn't it be nice to get rid of that pesky to-do list? For example, we'll coordinate and collect three bids to replace a roof or fence for $150. If we also handle coordination with your insurance company, the charge is $225.

We are in the service business, so please don't assume any job is outside our scope. If you don't see it here, call us. We'll let you know whether we can tackle it, and when.

Remember... you CAN buy time!

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