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Annual Package

Don't give up that precious personal time -- let While You Work handle ALL of your routine maintenance tasks.

At While You Work, we call ourselves a personal concierge service because we have your comfort in mind. This comfort can come in the form of an annual partnership to keep your car and home in tip-top shape. With our annual package, we meet your needs by customizing a yearly schedule that tackles your needs and appointments when they occur.

  • We call to remind you when maintenance tasks need to occur.
  • We schedule it.
  • We pick up your car, or drive to your home to handle the task.
  • We even make paying for our services and third-party services convenient.
  • We call to confirm that the task is completed and is to your satisfaction.

While You Work and its employees are fully insured.

Our annual package includes the following maintenance activities the average household requires:

Vehicle Maintenance:

We pick up your car at your location, get the service performed, and return the car to the original location. This service includes the following activities:

  • Four oil changes per vehicle for as many as two vehicles
  • Annual inspections for two vehicles
  • Tires rotated twice a year per vehicle for as many as two vehicles

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Household Maintenance:

We price the service, schedule the appointment, meet the vendor at your house, wait for the service to occur, present payment, and lock up when we leave. This service includes the following:

  • Three appliances serviced, as needed during your contract year
  • Twice a year pest management
  • Annual carpet cleaning
  • Annual window washing
  • Annual air conditioning or heating service
  • Annual air duct cleaning
  • Annual chimney sweeping, if applicable
  • One "you-determine" service that is agreed on during signup

Emergency Management:

We find, schedule, and meet repair technicians at your house to fix unexpected problems three times during your contract year. When an emergency occurs and something needs to be repaired while you’re at work, call and let us know. We’ll find a vendor who is qualified to do the repair and handle all the logistics for you while you remain at or return to work. If it’s after or before office hours, we’ll locate a vendor who can repair your problem the next day. If you notify us the night prior, or in the morning before 9 a.m., we will guarantee same-day service.

Complementary Services:

When you enroll in the annual package, you are entitled to the following complementary services:

  • Referrals to a large number of proven vendors
  • Reminders for 12 birthdays/anniversaries or other family special occasions
  • Reminders for family medical appointments, such as physicals, well-baby visits, and mammograms
  • Bids for three special occasion events or children’s parties

If you move out of your service area during your contract year, you will be refunded an amount proportionate to the remaining time in your contract, minus a 10% setup fee.

Our annual package gives you an organized household, the peace of mind that comes from having it all done, and the stress you miss when someone else tackles your "to-do" list.

And it’s all While You Work. Contact us at concierge@whileyouwork.net, or call 214.924.0480 to schedule an interview.

Trial Package

Are you interested in While You Work, but not sure how much service you’ll need? Do you want to ‘test" the service before you commit to an annual contract?

Then this is the package for you!

You can receive three months of service for $450. With the trial package, you’re entitled to all of the services in the annual package, with the following frequencies:

  • 1 oil change each for two cars
  • 1 car inspection
  • Tires rotated once for each of two cars
  • Free referrals for home services and contractors
  • 3 in-home service calls
  • 2 emergency management visits
  • Family event and medical reminders

If you want to continue service at the end of the trial period, we’ll apply the $500 to the annual fee, and you just pay the difference.

We’re anxious to prove to you that we can make your life less complicated. Call us at 214.924.0480 or email us at concierge@whileyouwork.net.

And we’ll handle it – While You Work!!

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