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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own reminder service?? What about free referrals?

At While You Work, our goal is to keep you organized. We know that life is so much simpler when things happen routinely. Last-minute scheduling always plays havoc with your schedule, so why not let us "nudge" you in a timely manner? And when you need some work done or a repair handled, we can recommend one of our preferred vendors.

While You Work will provide email or phone reminders for an entire year for the following activities:

  • Birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions – you provide the dates, and we’ll remind you as much as one week in advance.
  • The average driver needs to change his/her oil once every three months; we’ll call when it’s your car’s time for it.
  • Your car has two annual requirements: an inspection and new vehicle registration tags. We can remind you when each is due.
  • AC/heating experts say that your in-house filters need to be changed once a month – we’ll remind you on one Friday each month to take care of it that weekend.
  • Do you have maintenance agreements on any of your major appliances? We’ll keep track and make sure you remember to take advantage of them.
  • Manufacturers say that you should have your carpets steam cleaned twice a year. Some homeowners prefer to have it done annually. Whichever you prefer, we can nudge you when it’s time.
  • In Texas, pest control is an ongoing issue. If you’d like a reminder to have your house treated, just name the month.
  • Do you always vow to take that family portrait in time to have photo gifts for Christmas? In October, we can send you a note reminding you to make that hard-to-get appointment with the photographer.
  • Does Spring Break sneak up on you every year, and you promised yourself a family vacation? We can remind you when it’s time to talk to that travel agent.
  • Pick three other annual or semiannual items that are worrisome for you, and we’ll add those reminders to the list.

We’ll also give you vendor referrals ALL YEAR. Any time you need a technician or specialist, we’ll pull a name and phone number from our database of preferred vendors. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll ask around for you. Once the work is done, we’ll want to know how they did. That way, we’ll keep only the best in our system.

Your busy lifestyle is crammed with details. For $150 a year, While You Work can handle all these, while you concentrate on your personal and career ones.

Contact us at concierge@whileyouwork.net or call us at 214.924.0480, and we’ll start simplifying your life!

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