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Professional Organizing

Is it time to reorganize your pantry, clean out your junk room, or make the kitchen more functional? Is the garage driving you crazy? Are things lost in your attic? Do you need a better system in your home office?

While You Work can help with any of those challenges. We’ll ask plenty of questions to determine what would work better for you and your family. We can work with you, or you can just have us dig in.

Once we begin the project, we’ll determine what supplies, if any, are needed to improve things. We can go get them for you and put them in use as we reassemble the room or area.

We can help you go through your items and encourage you to make tough decisions on what to keep, what to store, and what to give away. If you identify items that are no longer needed, we will load them up and take them to your favorite charity.

While You Work has been doing professional organizing since 2002, and our clients love the difference we make. We’re happy to provide references at any time. If you are working within a budget or want to tackle a room or one area at a time, we’ll set up individual appointments to meet your needs.

Contact us at concierge@whileyouwork.net or call us at 214.924.0480, and we can talk about your specific project.

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