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Frequent Traveler Package

Does your job keep you on the road?? Or do you and your family sneak away for fun as often as possible? When you travel often, you might feel bad asking your neighbors to tend things at home while you’re gone.

Let While You Work put your mind at ease. We can keep an eye on things at home while you focus on the job you’re paid to do, or the fun you're determined to have.

We will pick up your mail, water your plants, and move the trash out to the curb on pickup day for you. Each time we come by, we’ll do a general walk-through of your home to make sure nothing’s amiss. If you want lights left on, we can switch them on and off from room to room to deter thieves. We’ll even start your car if you’d like.

If there’s a storm while you’re away, we’ll run by the house to check for damage. If there is damage, we’ll contact you immediately.

If you’re on an extended trip, we can check the refrigerator for anything that needs to be tossed out, and we can watch the mail for a particular bill you might need to pay before you return.

Our employees are fully insured when they enter your home. If you’d like to meet and walk our employee through your home before you leave town, we can arrange for that, too. If you’d like us to contact you by email during your trip, let us know and we’ll check in with you.

Our business traveler package is priced at just $75 a week. With this While You Work service, you can rest easy knowing that the house is being looked after. And if you need milk or bread waiting when you return, we can pick it up and leave it for you that day.

To start your traveler service, contact us at 214.924.0480 or email us at concierge@whileyouwork.net.

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