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Moving Services

Congratulations! You’re moving into a new home!!

Now that the decision’s final, you have tons of details to attend to. Did you know you can actually buy some time?

While You Work can help you pack up everything in the old house and/or unpack and organize your things in the new home. We can also help get the new house ready before the move.

Packing Before the Move

Are you preparing for a move? Or are you already in the throes of packing up? It can be overwhelming to pack your home, especially when all the regular activities in your life continue to demand your attention.

While You Work can provide the manpower to pack your belongings with the care and attention they need to arrive safely. We can do the whole job, OR pack just one room, OR finish where you left off. We charge by the hour, so you can use us for as little or as much as you’d like.

If you need packing supplies (boxes, tape, paper, and bubble wrap), we can purchase them at a discount and bring them with us.

We’ll pack carefully and methodically, and every box will be labeled with a description of its contents so that the unpacking goes smoother.

If you’d rather pack in stages, we can work with you to make it happen. Some people prefer to pack up the little-used items first, so that they are making progress, while not packing up other things until closer to the move.

Some realtors recommend that you de-clutter rooms to help the house sell. If you need help to pare down and get rid of items, or if you want to pack and put some things in storage, While You Work can help with that too.

Unpacking After the Move

Once the movers unload the trucks and stack the boxes everywhere, what next? Do you want help on that first day to unpack the linens and make the beds, or to set up the kitchen?

If you’ve already moved, and the boxes just won’t go away, we can help then too.

While You Work can tackle one room or the whole house. And because we also are professional organizers, we will unpack and set up each room to operate at its best. If we helped you pack, we’re even smarter about what there is to unpack.

As we unpack the boxes, we’ll fold them flat; we’ll also bag up the packing trash and carry it to the curb for trash pickup.

Whether you are interested in help for the entire move, or just part of the move, While You Work can create a schedule that will meet your needs.

Move-In Services

While You Work can save you time and hassle by handling the following new-home connections for you:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Phone
  • Cable

We’ll set up your accounts, arrange for connection times and meet the service persons at your home.

If you want your carpets cleaned before move-in, we’ll arrange for the service and meet the cleaner at your home to get the work done. All you do is leave a check to pay for the cleaning.

If you want to arrange maid service and/or yard service, we’ll collect three bids for each, and let you make the hiring decision.

We’ll do all this for $350, while you concentrate on the personal tasks associated with your move. And if you like our work, you’ll want to know about our yearly service contract.

To get us working on your move, or to get references from others we've moved, call us at 214.924.0480


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