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Welcome to While You Work -- a unique lifestyle concept.

Who says you can't buy time? We say you can!

Do you ever feel there just isn’t enough time in the day? With a full-time job, a home and a family—how does anyone get anything done? We can help. With While You Work as your partner, you no longer have to take time off, or juggle work commitments/meetings to be out of the office to tackle certain tasks.

We're a personal concierge service that focuses on your peace of mind. We get to know you and your needs, your timetables, and your preferred method to pay vendors. Our company is insured and each of our employees is covered.

While You Work offers both hourly rates and packaged services. We can accommodate individual services ranging from errands and one-time service appointments, to professional organizing or packing for a move.  With While You Work, you can hire as much or as little help as you need. And if you'd like to give someone the gift of time, we have gift certificates available.

Our frequent traveler package and our moving services were created to meet specific occasional needs. Our reminder and referral service exists to keep you organized; it's an email-based system that prompts you prior to upcoming events -- birthdays, special occasions, car and home maintenance checkups, medical appointments, and more -- based on a personalized reminder schedule that you set up. It also entitles you to free vendor referrals -- all year long.

Our annual package caters to those people who want to spend their personal time on personal interests -- we handle routine car maintenance and household maintenance for the entire year. And our trial package allows new customers to test our annual services without a full-year commitment.

Contact us at concierge@whileyouwork.net , or call us at 214.924.0480 for more information. We'll prove that you CAN buy time.


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